Floradania.dk: Specialities for special occasions

Specialities for special occasions

At the recent trade fair, Handelspladsen, in Odense, 10 exciting unique cultures were presented, each with their own unique and exciting history











The exhibition that began on 4 June is a new initiative from the Danish pot plant industry and will focus on some of the exciting cultures that are only produced in limited amounts, but makes the entire range wide and interesting.

Several seasonal outdoor plants, living room plants and plants for both inside as well as outside use were shown. The exhibition was a refreshing eye-opener to the many possibilities of use and different set-ups for the unique plants.

Colour-happy Gerbera for the terrace and the balcony

Gerbera Durora Outdoor is a true bomb of fresh, happy summer flowers that makes summer last until autumn. The trendy Gerbera has been breeded for outdoor living and endures cold nights and warm days.

Summer and sun in the potted garden
Cotula hispida is a lovely multifunctional herbaceous perennial to mix in various ways and it will spread cosiness in the garden pots and beds year after year.

Huge hit for the garden
Verbena bonariensis or purpletop vervain starts like a little green plant and can grow up to 1,5 meter. It flowers until October and creates life and atmosphere in the garden as it attracts summer birds and bees.

Pink plant that flowers during the entire summer
Cleome is also known as spider flower, because of its new stems that grows over the former flower buds reminds us of a spider web. It is self-purifying and is often used in public places because it is so easy to take care of.

Meat-eating plant to be fed both inside and outside
While Sarracenia or trumpet pitcher is popular in boys' rooms it is also well-suited to be planted outside. It endures temperatures down to 20 degrees and has a natural autumn-like look. Make sure to water the sump plant thoroughly in the saucer.

Flowers for the potted garden and the window sill
Lewisia is a little charming plant, who loves light and blossoms both inside and outside. Lewisia endures mild winter temperatures.

Super strong unique succulent
Crassula coccinea Rubin is a fun and different plant so get ready for a long-lasting friendship. The beautiful, red and tube shaped flowers last up until 1-2 months and the plant thrives both inside and outside. Crassula is on sale throughout June.

The Pharaohs drink
Hibiscus sabdariffa or 'Tea Plant' is an easy and fast growing plant for modern living. Since antiquity the dried flower capsules have been used to make healthy drinks. Today you can buy correctly processed  Hibiscus tea from the plant in various health stores.

Sun-loving succulent for the window sill

Adenium or desert rose is a stem succulent that grows like a wild plant in the desert. As a living room plant it grows exuberant and beautiful flowers in white, rose and deep red. It is easy to take care of, endures strong sunlight and is therefore well-suited for a window that faces south.

Exciting beauty for the living room
With its orchidlike flowers, Impatiens velvetea is a beautiful and classic plant for the living room. It originates from South China and thrives at best in a bright position, however not in direct sun. Then, it will blossom very intensively and will be easy to take care of.

The next exhibition with special cultures will be held in Odense from 13 until 14 August.