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Small is good

With its myriad of small, scented flowers and fresh, green foliage, Persian violet is hard to resist.

A wealth of variations
The original Exacum is blue with decorative, yellow, shining anthers in the middle. It originates from the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. Dedicated breeding has resulted in more colours to choose from so the plant is now also available in pink and white. Many have simple flowers and a few have full flowers that almost resemble miniature roses.

Furthermore, you can choose almost any size you like. Exacum is available in every size from small miniature plants that are ideal as cover plants to bushy, round domed pot plants, 20 cm in diameter.

The Exacum flowers are not only beautiful to look at but also emit a lovely, mild scent.

Romantic radiance
With its lightness and myriad of small flowers, Persian violet has a lovely, romantic radiance. The plants are ideal as decorations on, for example, the confirmation dinner table of the spring where you can choose pink flowers for your daughter and blue for your son, or white if the table is all-white. Place a small miniature plant at each cover and arrange a beautiful basket in the middle of the table with several large plants; add a couple of hanging ivy vines, if you like.
Persian violet is also ideal as a gift for the hostess as it fits easily into any environment.

Placement and care
If you place your Exacum in a bright position out of direct sunlight in the summer, at some distance away from the radiator, letting it dry out slightly between waterings and feeding it using an ordinary fertiliser for houseplants, it will almost certainly be a source of great pleasure to you for a long time.

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