Floradania.dk: Set your imagination free and create colour combinations in your home

Set your imagination free and create colour combinations in your home

Many homes these days have interiors in shades of black and white, but with a few slight changes, you can create a play of new, bright and cheerful colours. Plants are a sure way to create a pleasant change and a new look, and right now a wide range of colourful plants is available that can really brighten up your home

Fresh new plants and a new tablecloth, for example, will create an exciting play of colours in the house.  You can also make some lovely colour combinations by placing colourful plants in new pots, which, together with a couple of new cushions for the sofa, are bound to spice up your living-room. 

This spring's plant trend:  Fantasy Flowers
This spring's plant trend, Fantasy Flowers, will provide you with good inspiration when you are deciding on how to present your plant arrangements. The trend offers imaginative combinations of materials and patterns, all the way from an Alice in Wonderland universe to playing with the painting techniques of the art world.

Make your own plant arrangement in a dish, or choose a colourful bowl from the kitchen cupboard. Select plants in the colours you like best, and place several of the same kind together, or create a pattern by combining several of your favourites. 

"Rapunzel, let down your hair!"
While you are decorating with plants, you can also experiment with climbing plants such as Jasminum, Hedera or Muehlenbeckia, by untangling them from the frames on which they are often sold. When you do this and the plants drops down like Rapunzel's hair, it produces a completely different expression. Apart from being decorative in itself, you can also use this to surround the colourful harbingers of spring in the dish.

In fact, only your imagination sets the limits when it comes to creating new life and colour in your home with fresh new plants.

Caption: You can't help thinking of Alice in Wonderland when you see colourful plants in a giant teacup.

The Fantasy Flower plant trend was developed by Floradania Marketing A/S in cooperation with scandinavian trend institute.
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