Floradania.dk: Renewing the windowsill

Renewing the windowsill

The windowsill is in extra focus as the days grow darker. It has access to the sparse daylight, and forms an important part of the decor. Get a new interior look in the home by using new plants in new ways

Whether you prefer things to be romantic, modern, or simple and elegant, plants in a pot that complement your home’s colours, expression or form will give you a wealth of opportunities to express your own individual style.

More plants underline the expression
Double-flowered Begonia in a light pink shade with a mix of smooth and rough surfaces on grey pots provides a delicate, feminine and uniform expression, while Rhododendron simsii or azaleas in a stylish ceramic pot cover will bring a more contemporary look to the windowsill and the entire room. The chosen expression can be emphasised by using three or more plants in a row.

The power of simplicity
Sometimes you can achieve a stronger effect by using a single plant rather than a group or row – it depends to a great extent on the plant’s expression. A plant such as the Phalaenopsis orchid, which has long been a feature of interiors, can still create innovation and change if used in the right way.

Try, for example, placing a few plants in a bold red colour in a transparent pot, so that the roots are visible. This gives a very intense and refined experience.

Another elegant touch can be achieved by placing Ceropegia or ‘parachute flower’ on a frame in a frosted glass pot that matches the plant's green hue. This produces a bright, fresh impression which can be supplemented by the natural scenery outside the window.

Autumn star
Princettia is one of the newer stars in the potted plant firmament. It is related to poinsettia, but can be purchased in the autumn, which is why it is also known as autumn star. Place it in a refined silver pot cover, and create some of that cosy November/December atmosphere already now, while it is still light in the afternoons.

Light incidence varies with the season
When choosing your plants, you should note that, apart from style, colour and styling, there is also a difference in how much light comes through your windows from the various points of the compass.

West-facing windows give the plants a lot of light and some direct sun in the early afternoon. This is very suitable for plants such as Rhododendron simsii, Begonia, Princettia and Ceropegia.

Most houseplants will also thrive in an east-facing window, where they get direct sunlight in limited quantities. In addition to those already mentioned, Cyclamen, Phalaenopsis, Gerbera and Hoya will do well here.

In winter the amount of light available is inevitably limited, so don’t be afraid to use the south-facing windows that are otherwise a challenge for many plants in the summer, due to the warm temperatures.

North-facing windows do not have quite so much to offer for indoor plants, but they go well with, for example, Peperomia or ‘radiator plant’, which also thrives in semi-shade.

The higher the room temperature, the more often plants must be watered. Most plants should be kept moist, but not soaking wet.

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