Floradania.dk: Plenty of marguerites

Plenty of marguerites

Marguerites tells us that summer is coming. They are blooming standouts in pots, containers and baskets of every kind and also in flowerbeds.

Improvement of a classical summer flower: "Giga White"
An exciting novelty for the spring pots is "Giga White" with dark green foliage and very big and beautiful white flowers. It is a very healthy and strong plant. The durability has been strongly improved in relation to previous well-known sorts. With this new plant you will get a far better experience - especially if you remove the withered flowers during the growing period.

Placing and care
Marguerites must have plenty of sun and must be watered and fertilized during their flowering period.

When you plant marguerites in your garden, it is important to ensure lots of soil and space around the plant as they will continue to grow during the entire season and therefore they must be provided with the best growing possibilities.

Romance or colour
You can create your own personal atmosphere with marguerites. The classical and traditional expression are white marguerites arranged on a single spot. But if you plant them together with other summer flowers in the same shade or in cool eye-catching colours you will get a very festive arrangement.

Create a bright and romantic atmosphere by using pots of zinc or clay and renew your garden universe with containers in clear and happy colours.