Floradania.dk: Play with your children and plants in the spring half term holiday

Play with your children and plants in the spring half term holiday

The spring half term holiday is a welcome break in the dark winter season. It is still to cold to be outside for too long at a time and the holiday is perfect for indoor activities with the family. Most pot plants also thrive best indoors at this time of the year so why not spend the spring half term holiday on completing a project together with your children and plants?

Plants - a sensory universe
Children love exploring and experimenting, and plants stimulate children′s senses in a lovely natural, unspoiled way. Plants appeal to the fantasy and thus to children. Plants have a scent, are exciting to touch and come in different colours. And children love shapes and colours. 

Miniature plants - botany on children′s terms
In recent years, the number of miniature plants and applications has increased dramatically as these plants in many ways match the modern consumer′s lifestyle perfectly and therefore also the youngest members of the family - for miniature plants are perfect for children′s hands. 

Because miniature plants are easy to handle, they will soon become part of the play, offering many exciting challenges to the child. If the children are curious, it is easy for them to study the roots thanks to the limited volume of soil of the miniature plants. By now, most known Danish house plants are produced as miniature plants and the list keeps growing. 

Decorate the children′s room with plants
The plant trends of spring are perfect for children so why not get an early start with the trend during the spring half term holiday. The colours appeal to the childish, creative side of our personalities and therefore also to children.

Spend a day during the holiday refreshing the children's room using plants in the genuine Happy Home way. The more colourful, funny features you can add to the room, the better; and it does not have to cost a fortune for different types of toys can easily be used as imaginative cache-pots. 

In the winter, when the beach set is stored away, a colourful bucket is ideal as a cache-pot. The washing-up bowl is also brilliant as a base because the plants do not overturn and are easy to water - or what about the lunch box which is having a break anyway?

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Examples of 10 Happy Home miniature plants for the children′s room:
Calceolaria (Slipper flower)
Campanula (Bellflower)
Exacum affine (Persian violet)
Hydrangea macrophylla (Hortensia)
Pachira aquatica (Money tree)
Sagina (Scotch moss)