Floradania.dk: Plants are cosy Christmassy surprises

Plants are cosy Christmassy surprises

December is a yearly highlight and a time for spending long hours with family and friends. Boost the atmosphere with lovely and fresh Christmas plants that will give new inspiration both inside and outside

Red poinsettias are a brilliant present ideas.

Presetns with Christmas Stars.

Three Schlumbergera in line.

Schlumbergera in a bowl decorated with stars of gold.

Table decoration in an oblong tray of wood with miniature plants in fresh colours decorated with twigs with berries.

Zinc basket with Cyclamen and Calocephalus (Silver brush) decorated with twigs of berries and small apples.

Decorate with Christmas roses in baskets filled with things from nature and your favourite Christmas ornaments.

Green plants in many colours
Christmas is a time filled with traditions and the Christmas star is one of them. Even though the plant is available in many new colours and shapes the red Christmas Star remains the most popular plant. The Christmas Star is a tropical plant and does not tolerate neither cold nor draught. A wrapping will protect the plant during transportation and can work as a flower pot afterwards.

The Christmas star can also be a part of the Christmas wrapping and be used on the top of a present instead of the traditional bow. Dip the cut edge of the stem in hot water 60 o C for 5 seconds and then in cold water. This little trick makes the plant last longer.

Very happy with Schlumbergera
Another classic plant is Schlumbergera, which is sold already from autumn and therefore has been named autumn cactus. Stars are definitely a part of Christmas and together with the colourful Schlumbergera the atmosphere will be excellent, when they are planted together in a bowl and decorated with stars of gold.

You can also plant the plants in single groups like here where three Schlumbergera are planted with cones or Christmas balls are placed in line on the table or in the window sill.

Table decoration
Miniature plants are very well suited as table decoration and are available in many shapes and colours so you will always find a plant that matches your preferences. Place the plants in fade or bowls and use natural decoration to underline the new input on the Christmas table.

Christmas atmosphere inside and outside

Many of the Christmas traditions can be used both inside as well as outside. Cyclamen or Sowbread thrives best in mild winter temperatures and can serve as decoration at the front door right until frost sets in.

Vertical cosyness
Helleborus or Christmas rose is a very decorative perennial as a winter decoration in entrance pots. In places with limited space you can spiff the decoration with hanging baskets with Christmas roses. The baskets can furthermore be decorated with lichen and fir. In spring they can be planted out into the beds of the garden where they will blossom in the cold winter days year after year.