Floradania.dk: Plant in today's trend with things from the attic

Plant in today's trend with things from the attic

Go hunting in the attic, and get your home looking right up to date ... it sounds like a bit of a paradox, but that is the main idea behind this autumn's plant trend, Labour Lust, which mixes plants with materials with a worn and raw look

"This trend is about prudence, value for money and the renewed prestige of honest work - hence the name," explains Anja Bisgaard Gaede, trend editor at Pej group.

Diligence and handcraft
"Labour Lust is inspired both by industrial mass production and by unique craftsmanship, but the trend should also be viewed in the light of the current crisis," she continues.

"We have become more aware of our consumption and of the importance of having a job, and we wish these values to be reflected in our homes. This gives rise to a choice of materials with a worn, unworked or rustic look, such as leather and wood, which match the colours of autumn."

Get your work clothes on
The trend, which also marks the transition from summer to autumn, finds expression in relation to plants in a choice of bases which show signs of having been used before. At the same time there is a growing interest in DIY, and people feel like pulling on their work gloves and seeing new, colourful plants in pots.

Hunting in the attic
When we focus on usefulness and budget-luxury, the lumber room and the attic become inexhaustible treasure troves where we can find unusual bases for plant arrangements - only your imagination sets the limits. Take for example an old wooden crate, and make your own mobile autumn garden with your favourite plants. You can place it wherever you want, and enjoy it indoors or outdoors.

Ideas for plants that match Labour Lust:
Chrysanthemum indicum

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