Floradania.dk: Passionate about spring?

Passionate about spring?

Viola and spring is a two-sided matter and the new exciting varieties with hanging growth gives even more decoration possibilities for those who are passionate about spring

With flowers in pure and clear colours, Viola is a humorous new input for spring pots. There are both old and new acquaintances in this broad range.

Viola ’Cool Wave’
The newest sort of the garden pansies is named ’Cool Wave’ and is recognized by its hanging growth that stays the same way during the whole season. It is a really nice plant for urban citizens and other people with a passion for spring and who live in places with a limited amount of space.

One of the sorts has white petals with a beautiful light blue edge, that adds a shaded and very nordic expression which easily combines with other spring flowers. Viola ’Cool Wave’ is winterhardy and quite unique with the extended growing period as it terminates the planting out season at the same time as it opens it again.

Spring in buckets
Place your Viola decoration on spots where you can enjoy viewing it from both inside as well as outside. Make a new window box or a nice bowl with Viola, here ’Frizzle Sizzle’ for the garden table for you to enjoy as you look out on the garden. Enhance the pure colours of the Viola with coloured buckets that makes the view from inside even more colourful.

Most Viola has their flowering period in the summer time and can be enjoyed throughout the entire summer together with other seasonal bedding plants. The crawling growth of certain types of Viola, fx horned pancy can besides the hanging effect also be placed in horizontal positions in garden beds or in pots on the terrace, and will be joyful to watch as they move nicely in the wind as ground cover.

Greet spring with Viola in your surroundings.