Floradania.dk: Nordic Flower Expo 2015: Speciality crops with a summer look

Nordic Flower Expo 2015: Speciality crops with a summer look

At Floradania Marketing’s joint stand at Nordic Flower Expo fair in Malmö from 13-15 April, you will have the opportunity to see an exhibition of speciality crops in a new, up-to-date context












Ginkgo biloba



This time, the exhibition is focusing on special and summer experiences with the current speciality crops of the season:

Streptocarpus, also called Cape Primrose, is a lush and charming houseplant that blooms continuously all summer long. The flowers last four weeks, and the plant is self-cleaning and does not shed. This summer’s must have !

Erysimum is the name of this colourful harbinger of spring with a subtle fragrance. The plant is lush, easy to care for and very durable. It is suitable for edge beds and pots – preferably planted in groups. Slim and summery perennial.

Parthenocissus or Virginia creeper is a ‘distinguished’ member of the group of climbing plants in the vine family. The plant, which is intended for indoor use, has small, fine, serrated leaves, and is suitable for both hanging baskets or for climbing on stands or frames. Virginia creeper originates from the temperate areas of Asia and North America, and thrives best in a bright spot.

Browallia speciosa is a charming and floriferous plant that can be used indoors or outdoors. It has fresh green leaves and delightful star-shaped flowers in white or blue-violet hues. Browallia originates in hot and humid Columbia, and therefore loves warmth. In the cool spring months it is suitable for conservatories, but will thrive outdoors in summer, where it will continue to flower.

Clerodendrum ugandense or Butterfly plant is a lush and graceful climbing plant. Its fine blue and white flowers, which resemble butterflies, have given the plant its sweet, summery popular name, and as it is suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors in pots, the chances are quite good that it will indeed be visited by a butterfly.

Aeschynanthus encompasses a series of exciting plants that match the modern home style. The plants, which are compact and evergreen with beautiful glossy leaves in various shapes, have many applications in the home, such as in small green oases that will bring life and joy to the modern, busy consumer in a simple way.

Chirita tamiana, a plant that is still relatively unknown, is much more immediately recognisable when it is described as an elegant ‘cousin’ of Saintpaulia. Chirita, which originates in northern Vietnam, has charming white flowers with a touch of purple, and is also very decorative without flowers, with its rosette of small, fresh, round green leaves. What’s more, it is easy to look after.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Avantgarde’. Hot, hotter... hydrangea – it could hardly be put more clearly. Fashionable and sculptural hydrangea with its amazing, over-sized flower heads in 21 cm pots will adorn any space indoors or outdoors – for example the hallway, the living-room floor, or cosy, sheltered spots on the terrace. The plant is decorative for up to three months, with exciting colour changes along the way from white to lime green, and from pale pink to antique green and Bordeaux.

Rhoicissus digitata or Baboon grape forms small red beads that are reminiscent of grapes. Tendrils on the underside of the leaves help the plant to adhere. Rhoicissus digitata can be tied and trimmed as necessary. The plant tolerates slight drying out.

Ceropegia or parachute plant is a climbing plant with fun flowers that resemble parachutes, and which will bloom again and again. It is suitable for south-facing windows and very easy to care for, as it can survive without water for up to two weeks. Houseplant, parachutist and climber .

Stephanotis or madagascar jasmine spreads a good atmosphere and well-being in the home with its natural, healthy fragrance. This very feminine plant can also be used in bridal bouquets, or as table decorations with its vines folded out. Madagascar jasmine thrives best in bright, cool places, and can therefore also be used as a ‘living curtain’ in windows. Elegant twining plant with scent and grace.

Ginkgo bilopa or Maidenhair tree actually grew in the time of the dinosaurs. In ancient times the plant was used by Oriental monks who ate the leaves to retain water. Today Ginkgo bilopa is used in natural medicines that strengthen memory and concentration. The plant is also used in shampoos, creams and soaps. The world’s oldest medicinal plant, with an exciting history.

Long-lasting, exclusive and with extra-large flowers pot rose in 15 cm. It has dark, glossy leaves and is ideal for the modern home.

Begonia rex covers a vast range of different varieties, all characterized by fascinating leaves that freshen up an interior. Diversity and contrast in the shape, colour and structure of the leaves are other special features. Begonia Rex also livens up the pots of summer.

The purpose of the exhibitions of speciality crops is to highlight some of the exciting cultures that are produced only in limited numbers, but which help to make the overall range both wide and interesting.
The initiative takes the form of four special exhibitions at national and international fairs, at each of which ten speciality crops of the current season are shown. The crops are presented with their own special stories in words and pictures.
above plants can be seen at: Nordic Flower Expo, stand D.010 13-15 April in Malmö, Sweden.