Floradania.dk: New plant ideas for Advent

New plant ideas for Advent

Advent is a term from the Latin word adventus which means "arrival" (of the Lord). Before we know it, it is the first Sunday of Advent. Turn the countdown for the holy evening into a fresh and alive event and use pot plants in the Advent wreath

It is all about being inspired by styles, shapes and colours and to find new ways of decorating the traditional Advent wreath. Foster creativity as you spirit up for Christmas and give the traditional look a touch of fresh air with nature and the joy of colour with miniature plants.

Below you will find new ways of celebrating Advent and ideas to spice up the dark period of the year:

Asymmetric Advent wreath
Place ten small red clay pots on a red plate of wood. Glue the pots onto the plate in an asymmetric way to shape the wreath. Plant Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii), Miniature Pointsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) and Million Hearts (Dischidia ruscifolia) in the pots.

Three square candles are then mounted with thread and fastened into the soil whereas the fourth pot is mounted on the plate to underline the shape and create depth. Finally decorate with large and small red paradise apples and small sprigs of holly (Ilex).

A round wreath with cones
Glue some high cones on a wreath of straw to form a gap in the middle and line the gap with plastic for planting. Put four candles in the metal holders and place them in pairs on the wreath. Then plant different miniature plants on each side of the wreath. Decorate with glass bowls.

For the wreath of cones we have used: King Begonia (Begonia rex), Radiator Plant (Peperomia), Nerve Plant (Fittonia), Sowbread (Cyclamen) and Houseleek (Sempervivum).

Pink Advent
Make a gap form of carton, which is glued together with a glue pistol. Cover the form with felted wool. The form is lined with plastic and planted with Miniature Kalanchoe, King Begonia, Saintpaulia and Chain of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii). Finish the decoration by sticking four candle holders in the pot soil and decorate the form with cones and lichen twigs.

Advent on a board
Plant four pots with miniature plants and cover with silver moss. Place a candle in each pot and decorate with flowers of copper and glass bowls. Lichen twigs are mounted in different levels to create a link. The entire decoration is arranged on an oblong board of wood for a rustic and “warm” background.

This decoration is made with Saintpaulia, succulents, lichen twigs and Stonecrops (Sedum).

Besides adding freshness and life to the living room these plants also reduces the fire hazard considerably compared to a dry wreath of fir and it will only improve the final result if you pass by with your watering  can now and then.