Floradania.dk: New plant acquaintances in the garden

New plant acquaintances in the garden

The season for planting out is just around the corner, and there are many interesting plants for consumers who are looking for new items to complement the well-known classics

One of the pleasures of planting pots and beds is the thought and anticipation of how beautiful the result will be, and how nice it will be to be able to spend time outdoors again.

But sometimes we all need something new, and fortunately there are lots of exciting new plants around that will bring a new and different expression to the balcony, the terrace and the garden.

An all-weather friend
One of this season's absolute must-haves is SunPatiens, a breath of fresh air in the palette of summer flowers, which, with its exuberance and weather-hardiness, is ideal for the northern European climate. No matter whether it is raining cats and dogs or baking sun outside, SunPatiens will flower again and again.

Dark summer date
You′ll find a striking acquaintance in the black petunia, Sweetunia 'Black Satin', which is probably well worth a summer date. The flower′s sparkling black colour, together with the plant′s lushness, will give the garden or terrace a refined and intense look.

'Black Satin' is a real sun-worshipper, and needs regular watering.

Pots with edge
Dahlias have become incredibly popular as a bedding plant in Europe, as they bloom right from May until the frost sets in. One of this year′s new varieties is Castillo, which has a lovely deep violet colour that will add some extra edge to pots and beds.

Dahlias grow best in direct sunlight, and if you water them regularly, they will reward you well. They flower from May until the frost sets in.

Filled flowers and colour play
If you would like to create a more romantic universe, some unusual Begonia varieties with double flowers have come onto the market this year. They are available in several colours, and are also distinguished by the beautiful play of colours in their leaves.

Begonia 'Passodouble' has green leaves, while 'Doublet' is dark-leaved. Both types are easy to look after. They thrive in both pots and beds, tolerate sunlight, and should be watered regularly.

'Josephine' and 'Isabella'
A royal choice for the pots are the clover varieties Trifolium 'Josephine' and ′Isabella′, named after two Danish princesses. Trifolium is a good all-year plant. In summer, it adorns the garden with the most beautiful coloured leaves and lovely fragrant flowers. Trifolium looks really well in pots and window boxes, but is also good as ground cover in the beds. It thrives best in a bright position, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.

So even though we all have our favourite flowers, there are plenty of new plant acquaintances and lovely experiences on the way.

All of the plants will be on sale from April-May. 'Josephine' won the award for best outdoor plant at the world's largest plant fair in Germany in January.

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