Floradania.dk: New angles on the autumn garden

New angles on the autumn garden

Larger, more voluminous plants in bright, intense colours such as orange and yellow are the trends that will adorn the autumn garden in the coming time

Peter Martinussen, owner of Bo Grønt Høsterkøb garden centre in Hørsholm, North Sealand, is in no doubt that trends in both fashion and the media influence consumers' choices when they are planning plant purchases for their autumn gardens.

Yellow and orange on the fashion scene
"While white, pink and blue have been the dominant colours in the perennial bed over the past 5-6 years, dark orange and light yellow are now coming back into fashion. This is already being reflected in the plant world, and is going to be a big hit in 2012," Peter Martinussen predicts.

"What's more, the 'flame bed' concept has been prominent in the media over the summer, and has certainly helped consumers to see new future possibilities in the autumn garden."

Trendy Danish plants
Besides Danish Design, Denmark is also known for its wide range of plants suitable for every purpose, both indoors and outdoors - and Danish gardeners are certainly capable of delivering vigorous plants in the right fashionable colours.

According to Peter Martinussen, a perennial such as Echinacea, or yellow "purple coneflower", has the perfect yellow glow, and will adorn the garden year after year.

"Over the 25 years I have run the garden centre, the consumers have become increasingly aware and focused, so it's only natural that trends in the fashion industry also rub off on the plants with which we choose to surround ourselves," he concludes.

Create your own autumn garden
If you would like to create your own autumn garden, the garden centres are offering a wide variety of plants right now that can be planted out in pots, and which will lend the right kind of colour-intense expression to the autumn garden until the frost sets in.

Suggestions for this season's plants in the yellow-orange colour range:
Solanum pseudocapsicum

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