Floradania.dk: Mobile chat weeding makes gardening more fun

Mobile chat weeding makes gardening more fun

Plants and friendships have a lot in common - they both need to be cultivated and tended. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and combine friendly chat with gardening?

The mobile phone is often blamed for being a time waster, but used properly it can become a helping hand in your gardening work.

Mobile weeding - a new way to unwind
After a busy day at work, it is pure therapy to go out into the garden and relax, pottering about with the plants and crocks. And you can easily pick off the withered leaves or deadhead the flowers while chatting to a friend or Aunt Elsie.

Geraniums - sweet summer pleasures
Geraniums are a good example of popular pot plants that will reward care, if you make sure to regularly deadhead the flowers and remove dead leaves. They are also characterised by large flowers and a wide and varied range, so if you choose to plant geraniums in your pots, you will have many opportunities for pleasant chats and beautiful garden crocks.

Scent and atmosphere on the terrace
While the many-flowered geranium types will adorn your garden pots from May onwards, there are also other varieties with a scent that can provide wonderful sensory experiences right through the summer.

With their many different leaf types, scented geraniums are ideally suited for creating atmosphere on the terrace, and there is ample opportunity to explore the wide range of creeping, upright and bushy types and find just the right scent that fits into your world. 

There are for example geraniums whose leaves give off the scent of peppermint, citrus or chocolate. Some types even have the added bonus of deterring insects, while others can be included in recipes, as an ingredient or garnish.

Lavender is an obvious choice to complete the olfactory universe , and with the wide range of fragrant plants available, you literally have a free hand to find the precise plant combination that suits you.

And your friend would certainly like to hear more about that! 

Caption: While you chat, weeds will pass away, but friendship and plants remain. The picture shows hanging geranium and lavender.

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