Floradania.dk: Late summer dreams in the pot garden

Late summer dreams in the pot garden

Live out your late summer dreams in the pot garden with harmonious colour themes

Don’t ever think that August is the end of summer. On the contrary, it marks the start of a beautiful period when you can enjoy lots of delightful spells in the garden and on the terrace.

Bring your dreams along
While the spring and mid-summer garden was full of lush and lively riots of colour, the late summer invites sober reflection and subdued harmony. Create your own personal colour tableaux to match the season and your own taste. If you arrange them in trays and dishes, you can take them with you as you move around to find sun and shelter.

Odd numbers
For a start, use an odd number of plants for the more traditional arrangements, as this will give the most harmonious result. But you can also "freestyle" by placing different kinds of plants together, and letting the base provide a frame.

A hot play of flames outdoors
A medley of burned yellow, orange and red shades as the focal point reflects the calm, colour-saturated look of the season. Arranged in a fresh and unusual way in a box with a handle, the various plants will provide a contrast to their surroundings and help to spread warmth and atmosphere in the outdoor area.

A fresh splash of colour in the garden
Give your late summer garden a boost with beautiful pots in intense hues of pink and purple. You could for example place them in a staggered arrangement on a bench or steps, and enjoy the view up close, or from a window.

Blue late summer dreams
Clear blue shades like the September sky are a sure winner in the late summer garden. Arrange some pots in varying shapes and sizes, and plant them with the same plants. Then lounge back on the deck chair – perhaps under a blanket – and enjoy the play of colour from the sun's intense rays.

Grey plants are in
Grey is not a colour we normally associate with the plant world, but in fact there are quite a few plants with a greyish expression that go well with purple and/or white. Add a sweet touch to the garden table with plants on a tray, or create a small, romantic corner on the terrace.

Find the theme and colours of your dreams, and take full advantage of this beautiful season.

Plant suggestions for the various scenarios:

Burned colours:
Echeveria, Capsicum, Heuchera, Kalanchoe, Rosa, Sarracenia

Pink colour splash:
Aster, Capsicum, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea, Oxalis, Rosa

Aster, Campanula, Carex, Capsicum, Sedum, Trifolium

Grey w/purple or white:
Echeveria, Lavandula, Capsicum, Oxalis