Floradania.dk: Kalanchoe is the number one plant in Denmark

Kalanchoe is the number one plant in Denmark

Decades of improvement and development work have given Danish nurserymen a long lead in the production of the very popular, long-lived and hardy plant. In 2009, Kalanchoe once again occupied the number one position among plants produced in Denmark, with a total of 41 million

Kalanchoe indoor and outdoor
You can meet it as a plant growing wild in the tropical and sub-tropical parts of Africa and in Madagascar. But you meet millions of them all year and all over Europe as trendy plants for indoor as well as outdoor use.

There is a Kalanchoe for every occasion. When Christmas draws nearer, it is only natural to fall in love with red and pink colours; the same is true of yellow for Easter, snow white in the winter and intense colours when summer is just round the corner.

And that it requires only little care is also an important part of Kalanchoe′s popularity among consumers, irrespective of life styles and age groups. Combined with targeted efforts to improve plants where both colours and shapes match the most recent trends.

The development of particularly hardy types has in recent years also made the Kalanchoe a very popular outdoor plant in Northern Europe for containers and beds as it tolerates both rain and wind, but no frost.

Welcome to Kalanchoe land
Ages ago, the plant was grown as a cut plant but in the 1930s Kalanchoe was marketed as a pot plant for the first time. It is more than 40 years ago that Danish nurserymen saw the possibilities of the plant and, today, approx. 41 million are produced in Denmark making Kalanchoe the largest

Innovation and Development
In the last 25 years, the most innovative development work in the world has probably been carried out in Denmark. This type of work requires experience, a sense of trends and patience. Out of 1,000 hybrids, there will be approx. 40,000 seedlings, typically resulting in three new varieties after 3-4 years of testing.

A range of completely new colours as well as a new series of plants are involved, departing from the known, characteristic expression.

Facts about Kalanchoe:
Also known as Velvet Leaf or Flaming Katy. 41 million Kalanchoe plants were produced in Denmark in 2009. More Kalanchoes have been produced in Denmark over the past three years than any other plant.

Source: Floradania Marketing's Top 14 list.

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