Floradania.dk: Interior decor and plant purchases are two sides of the same coin

Interior decor and plant purchases are two sides of the same coin

If you are a man, and you sidestep making plant purchases for the home, there is a high probability that the woman will be in charge of things in the house generally

A fairly new, representative study by the Wilke market research institute shows that there is a clear correlation between buying plants and your degree of involvement in your home's decor.

Responsibility for interior decor
The survey was conducted among 279 men of all ages, who were asked who was generally responsible for the decorative part of the household furnishings. The results showed that when men are responsible for some part of the home's decor, they also buy plants. 

It was interesting to see that almost half of the men (43%) who bought plants for the home were either entirely responsible for the interior decor, or participated on an equal footing with their partners. In fact, only 10% of the men who participated in plant purchases left the home decor entirely up to their partners.

But among the group of men who never bought plants for the home - corresponding to almost one-fifth of those polled - more than half left the home decoration entirely up to the women.

Plants are part of the interior design
To put it another way, plants are part of the interior design. So if a girl or woman meets a man who takes an interest in interior design, the chances are that he will also bring plants home to you.

The survey was undertaken by Wilke in December 2010, among a representative sample of the Danish population.  558 people participated in the survey.

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