Floradania.dk: Hebe holds its own

Hebe holds its own

If your summer containers look dull or if you have a free, warm, protected and sunny spot with well-drained or dry soil, you should give hebe a try.

Spectacular plants
There are oceans of hebes. All of them are woody and some of them may grow into small shrubs. The flowers, which are small, are gathered in small spikes. The flower colours are white, violet, blue and rose. Hebe typically flowers in the summer and late summer. Many hebes have an exotic look because of the small, evergreen leaves that sit close to the stalk in pairs opposite each other. Add to this a wide range of different colours: bluish green, bluish grey, yellowish, olive green, etc. that make hebes extremely beautiful as green plants.

Hebe – a hit here
Hebe is ideal for the containers on the balcony and patio, and for the container at the front door. Plant several different hebes together to create an exciting green structure that will last throughout winter, or for several years, if you are lucky. Hebe is also great for beds, especially rockeries and along the footing of the house. Hebe is not suited as a houseplant.

Hebe is a hardy plant. When you buy a hebe, remember to water amply until its roots have established themselves. Do not feed the first autumn as the potting soil contains sufficient fertiliser. Wait until the following spring.When the frost sets in, particularly black frost, you can improve the plant’s possibilities of overwintering by covering it in spruce branches and an insulating layer of leaves or the like on the ground. This will prevent the plant from drying out.

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