Floradania.dk: Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Give the scary and bloody Halloween universe a happy and refreshing touch and decorate for party with colourful plants. It's scaringly easy!

Halloween is originally an american tradition, which have become popular in Europe, where the event stands for celebration and theme parties for both children and adults. Families will have most fun if  everyone participates in the preparations and the making of scary disguises, exciting Halloween food and festive and colourful decoration for both indoor and outdoor use.

Natural costumes
Add natural colours to the fake fantasy universe and make use of fresh plants in your decoration. Here are some inspiring tips to bring your own personal touch to the party.

Party ahead
Use the small decoration pumpkins and put cornets inside so they transform into plant containers. Plant Solanum mini plants in the cornets and put autumn twigs or grasses in the plant to add height and air.

Solanum with spider web
Use a low plate or a big open bowl. Braid a spider web of steel wire and yarn and place it like a wreath  outside of the bowl's edge. Pull crossing sticks/steel wire across the bowl, that can be attached down into the soil. Plant the bowl tightly with Solanum or Jerusalem Cherry.

Orange pots with Kalanchoe and Solanum
Plant some mini plants in a bowl. Put orange sticks with Capsicum or decorative pepper across with Kalanchoe. Arrange Physalis, Cape gooseberry between the cabbage plants. Cover the soil with pink sticks that match the colour of Kalanchoe.

Pot for the stairs
Plant Sedum, Calocephalus, Cushion Bush in a pot and place 4-5 pots of clay between the plants and plant Solanum in these pots. Put a wood stick in the small decoration pumpkins and arrange them in between the plants in different heights.

Decorate with cabbage
Plant Brassica oleracea, decoration cabbages, in a low pot. Arrange Physalis between the cabbage plants. Put orange sticks in a criss cross pattern between the plants to achieve a web look-a-like.