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Green indoor living

Green plants cover a wide range of plants, that can be anything but green. Some has multicoloured, varied or spotted leaves while others have leaves with a greyish or reddish glow. The plant provide a wealth of opportunities to freshen up the living room for the coming season where chilly weather forces us to stay more inside our homes

Green plants contrast with flowering plants because of the colours of the flowers and the shape. Plenty of the green plants live "in obscurity” because far from all people know about these living room plants.

Green plants reflects the way of living
Green plants are at least as different as the flowering plants and represent new ways of a personal style in interior decoration. Below is presented some known and some less-known green plants in different living atmospheres.

Begonia rex or Shadow king is a wide-ranging group of plants with very different leaf structures, shapes and colour combinations whicht bring the opportunity to renew and supplement decoration in numerous ways.

It is said that Aglaonema even can grow on board of ships under tough circumstances, hence it is known as a luck-bringing plant. No doubt, the tiny green plant with the characteristic variegated leaves will thrive better in a light, modern home than in the cabin of a lonely sailor.

Fittonia is also known as nerve plant or mosaic plant because of the beautiful structure of the leaves. The plant carries two names because it is available in both a green and reddish variety. It brings even more opportunities to create variation in interior decoration.

Rhoeo is an elegant plant with sharp, stiff and green leaves. The leaves has an elegant, light pattern on the upper side and a beautiful deep claret-coloured glow underneath to lighten up the interior decoration.

The cool name Cordyline or cabbage palm hides an elegant, straight living room plant with large, dark leaves rounded by a beautiful deep red edge. Cordyline is also obtainable as a mini plant and if arranged on a dish or a tray on the coffee table it will bring coolness to couches, candles and other accessories.

Peperomia or radiator plant is another group of very different pot plants with a modern and timeless look. They vary in colour from luxurious lime green leaves and shiny deep green tones to reddish and bordeaux shades that match autumn's plant trend perfectly.

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