Floradania.dk: Follow your heart - also in your decor

Follow your heart - also in your decor

Danish interior design editor predicts that we will decorate our homes more with our hearts, and worry less about having the 'right' colour for the season.

Nicola Kragh Riis, home and interior design editor at one of Denmark's leading women's magazines, Alt for Damerne, is no doubt that the financial crisis has affected the way we live in and decorate our homes.

"We want to feel that the place where we live is more of a home than a residence,  which means that we would rather feel good in our homes than impress the neighbours with expensive design," says Nicola.

From showroom to nest
Whereas during the boom the home was more like a showroom, with large, bare surfaces but little warmth, we now seek security and balance in nature, for example in the form of houseplants.

"Houseplants never really went out of fashion, but now they are more 'in' than they were before. Here in the post-financial crisis period, we would rather buy a potted plant than a bouquet of cut flowers that last only a few days," assesses Nicola, who has several suggestions on how to renew the living-room with plants by using them in different and unconventional ways.

Rows of plants

"You can splash out with greenery and fill a whole windowsill, or arrange your orchids on the bookshelves instead of having one on every windowsill," she suggests, adding that plants are one way to show your personal style.

"Succulents have a slightly 1960s feel, while flowers can give a more feminine style. Miniature trees, such as fig trees and lemon trees, as well as herbs, give a more contemporary feel and help to create atmosphere and turn the home into our own personal free space."