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”Specialities” cover a range of special cultures with unique histories, names and fabulous features, which make the Danish plant range varied and very interesting. We would like to share this with other people so below are descriptions of the special plants that are shown on the largest plant trade fair in the Nordic countries.

Easy living room plant on the table and in the air
Aaron's beard or Saxifraga stolonifera is named after the many runners that look like a curly beard. The masculine name is the opposite of the neat and delicate look with the mottled and round leaves. Saxifraga sets extraordinary little white flowers.

A sense of fresh air - inside and outside
Greater Brown Sedge or Carex brunnea is a grass with long and slim straws that are lively and moves gently  in the home and on the terrace. Carex keeps its fresh, green colour during the entire year and sets funny seeds during autumn.

Christmas tree during winter and potted plant during summer
White spruce or Picea glauca. Invite guests to your home and greet them with a white spruce on your stairs all year round.  The small fir tree lights up during the dark hours and when decorated with fairy lights during Christmas, it will give the living room a cosy natural look. Place the tree outside after use. It endures temperatures below minus 20-30°C.

Gentiana - alpine beauty that ages gracefully
Clear and blue like a September sky with bright and white spots. Gentiana is a lovely companion in the late summer garden where it lights up with its beautiful and clear colour. The plant grows originally in mountains where it thrives with cool nights and warm, sunny days. One way of describing Gentiana is that it closes its flowers during the night and opens them again when the sun shines.

Light in the dark

Arizona Snowcap or Mammillaria Gracilis belongs to the cactus family, which are popular plants in a modern home. It is available in both different and luminous colours. The white cactus lights up when it gets dark because of a luminous colour additive. The remarkable plant from Central Mexico gets white flowers and endures temperatures below zero.

A different living room plant with a modern look
Bamboo Ginger or Alpinia luteocarpa has beautiful, slim leaves with a sophisticated play of colours. The plant thrives at room temperatures and on a light spot, however it does not tolerate direct sun. Alpinia must be watered regularly and must not dry out.

Feminine rose for modern living
A rose in a pot of 8 cm fits well in a window sill or as a decoration on the table. The classic living room plant matches both a clean and romantic style and it is also a sustainable and decorative plant.

Button weeds

Button weeds or Cotula has small yellow flowers that look like the heads of sewing pins. When used as a living room plant it will grow harmoniously over the edge of the pot. The plant is well-suited for windows that faces east or west.

Curls or no curls
Sowbread or Cyclamen come in many different varieties and some of the sorts form funny fringes and shapes besides having fantastic colours. The curly variety is a fun table decoration and will also give the window sill a whole new look. Cyclamen can be used as a potted plant on the terrace or on the balcony until the frost sets in.

Decorative, easy and different
Chinese money plant or Pilea Peperomioides. Green living room plant with round evergreen leaves which gives the plant a different expression. It matches the dream of modern consumers who would like to live green in an easy way. Thrives best in cool surroundings with lots of light. Keep the soil moist, but don't let the plant soak in water.