Floradania.dk: Embellish your home with sweet-scented oases

Embellish your home with sweet-scented oases

Sustainability, climate change conference and resource consciousness … the modern consumer is facing a political agenda that requires greater concern and responsibility; fortunately, there will still be room for life′s small pleasures

-          Because we do not want to do without beautiful and natural things in our lives,

says Anja Falk Gaede, trend editor of pej gruppen, and continues

-          but we will act more sensibly and use the right resources without any harmful side effects to create beautiful surroundings.

Nature into the home
And what is better suited to create a lovely natural atmosphere in our homes than the natural scent of plants rather than artificially perfumed products with additives that may result in a poorer indoor climate?

-          We wish to use nature′s own resources for in addition to accentuating the authentic element, some of the plants also provide a positive side benefit as they clean the air of harmful substance and even have a lovely sweet scent,

Anja Falk Gaede adds.

Transform your home into sweet-scented oases
You can create your own sweet-scented oases in different places in your home using trays or bowls with sweet-scented plants; you can choose a different scent for each room, depending on brightness and temperature; of course, you can also use the same type of plants but remember to consider where you place them.

Having sweet-scented plants in our bathrooms is a pleasure which we often forget but it is actually a win-win situation for all parties. A plant such as Gardenia loves brightness and the high air humidity which is often found in a bathroom but the occupants of the house will also enjoy their daily shower even more when surrounded by the wonderful sweet scent which the plant gives off.

There are numerous wonderful, Danish flowering plants with an enchanting sweet scent and natural sweetness that will make you see your home in a new, more intense light and it may be the little thing that makes a huge difference in everyday life for you and your family.

Examples of sweet-scented plants:




Sales season

Stephanotis floribunda (Madagascar jasmine)

A sweet, spicy scent; sweet-scented

Place it in a bright position, out of direct sunlight. Preferably in a cool position. Water moderately. Does not tolerate drying out. Feed sparingly in the growing season.

August - June

(Peak season March - May)

Jasminum polyanthum (Jasmine)

A sweet, spicy scent

Place it in a bright position, preferably out of direct sunlight. Preferably in a cool position. Water often during flowering. Does not tolerate drying out. Can be planted out.

January - March


Soft, fresh

Place it in a bright position, out of direct sunlight. Water with rainwater or water with low calcium content. Does not tolerate drying out. Keep leaves moderately moist. Feed moderately.

January - April

Cytisus (Broom)

Intense, lemon-like

Place it in a bright, cool position. Water regularly. Does not tolerate drying out. Feed only sparingly.

January - March

Bulbous plants, e.g. hyacinth

Sweet-scented, lily-like

Bright and cool. Water regularly. Can be planted out after flowering.

January - March

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