Floradania.dk: Easy plants for the home

Easy plants for the home

The transition from summer to autumn, and thereby the switch from active outdoor life to indoor comforts, can be a drain on your energy. Make the change as smooth as possible, and draw nature into your home, with easy green plants that provide plenty of life and atmosphere


'Home Alone'




Green houseplants are easy to look after, while at the same time being right up to date with the trends of the moment. With simple and honest exuberance they can emphasise the decor and atmosphere of any room, whether your style is minimalist, rustic or feminine.

Easy plants are in vogue
Hoya, or waxflower, is a definite favourite among houseplants. It is loved for its lushness, its unusual flowers and its frugality. And its twining growth allows you to create exciting green formations that match a modern decor style.

Homalomena rubescens with the popular name "Home Alone" can be said to epitomise the spirit of the times: It is easy to look after, and gives the home a natural and harmonious look, with its large, decorative heart-shaped leaves, with a deep green colour shading into violet. It can grow up to 60-80 cm tall, and just as wide.

"Home Alone" is a shade plant that likes light, but not direct sun. It should be kept evenly moist. If it gets too dry, it will show this by wilting. If this happens anyway, it will straighten up again once it is watered. Fertilise lightly once a week to keep the leaf colours.

Landscapes as inspiration
In line with this autumn’s plant trend, Botanical Balance, green plants are well presented on a base of ceramic, patinated wood or smoked glass. Like decorations in small tableaux, the plants become unique miniature landscapes, and if you put lots of them together, you get a beautiful overall effect that has entirely its own expression.

You could for example create a strong, slightly worn and weathered look with small, fine Sansevieria, or ‘mother-in-law's tongue’, in pot covers of clay or patinated wood, and add an element of natural beauty and excitement to your home.

Well-known Aloe also matches this year's plant trend, with its simple, untamed form and slightly grey surface that fits right into the fashionable palette. What’s more, it is a very easy plant to look after.

Soft and feminine
If you would like easy plants, but with a softer expression, Callisia is worth recommending. Callisia is a sweet and feminine succulent with a myriad of small, heart-shaped green leaves that lie close to its twining shoots. Put it in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight, and allow it to dry out slightly before watering again.

With the prospect of lots of easy nature indoors, you can face the dark times ahead with equanimity.

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