Floradania.dk: Easy new plants for the garden

Easy new plants for the garden

The planting season is just round the corner and garden centres and shops are bursting with lovely plants from Danish nurseries. Below you will find some exciting suggestions for plants to choose if you wish to try something new and different this year

New sweet scents in the outdoor space
Give yourself a new and different experience with 'Kahori' which is one of the relatively new plants in the outdoor plant range and definitely well worth getting to know better. 'Kahori' which is related to Dianthus is a sweet-scented and long-lasting plant that also tolerates sunlight well; it is therefore an excellent choice for adding an extra dimension to the summer atmosphere on your patio.

Easy and flowering
Cleome is another recent outdoor plant so far enjoyed by only a limited number of consumers in the outdoor space. Troels Krogh Larsen, nurseryman from Odense in Denmark and one of the producers of the plant, says,

-          Cleome is an incredibly easy plant that requires only a minimum of care to flower throughout summer where it produces many small pink shoots.

This year, Troels Krogh Larsen who also offers other exciting outdoor niche cultures, including 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia, will also introduce a new one of this type with pink flowers.

'Diamond Frost' does not like direct sunlight but is otherwise an easy, decorative outdoor plant that produces a wealth of small, white diamond-like flowers.

Plants matching the Danish summer
Another Danish nurseryman, Mogens Bøg of the Odense-based nursery of the same name, offers an exciting range of lovely summer plants. All of them thrive excellently under cooler conditions and will be a source of great pleasure to everybody in the garden should this year′s summer become a chilly experience.
According to Mogens Bøg, Dichondra or 'Silver Falls', which it is also called, will be nothing but a positive experience for consumers:

-          Dichondra has silvery leaves and grows impressively large throughout summer,

says Mogens Bøg and continues,

-          it can actually cover a container by a whole metre, and its lushness is exactly one of the reasons why it is so perfect for large containers and flower boxes.

Finally, Mogens Bøg produces Coleus canina, also known as 'Scaredy cat', which is popular especially among families with children playing in sand boxes. But as Mogens Bøg says with a smile,

-          it probably takes more than one plant to scare away an old tomcat.

Suggestions for new, exciting easy care plants: 



Cleome hybrid (Spider flower)

Sturdy outdoor plant to be placed in a bright position, preferably in direct sunlight. Water and feed regularly.

Coleus canina (Scaredy cat)

This outdoor plant thrives best in sunlight to semi-shade.

Water the plant sparingly; tolerates drying out between waterings. Place the plants in beds spaced one metre apart.

Not winter-hardy.

Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

With its stylish dusty grey foliage, Dichondra is the perfect plant to place between flowering plants, in containers as well as in window boxes. Furthermore, it is extremely heat and drought tolerant.

Water and feed sparingly.

Euphorbia hybrid ′Diamond Frost′

Sturdy outdoor plant thriving in window boxes, containers as well as in beds. Should be kept moderately moist. Water thoroughly, immediately after it has been planted out.

Feed regularly.

Dianthus hybrid 'Kahori' (Pink)

Outdoor plant thriving both in sunlight and in shade. Water regularly.

Feed frequently in the growing season.

Winter-hardy perennial.

The plants mentioned are now available from garden centres and nursery gardens, 'Kahori' not until week 22/2010.

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