Floradania.dk: Easter with passion and plants

Easter with passion and plants

Consider your own personal interior decoration when planning the decorations for the upcoming Easter and let the colours and materials be the connection between your own interior decoration and the festive Easter days ahead

Easter marks the beginning of a feast and allows us to take a break from the everyday life. It gives families the opportunity to focus on cosiness and the decoration of their homes.

The season offers a bucket full of potted plants that easily combines with the personal interior decoration made by you.

Pick a basic colour
Start by picking a basic colour to set the tone. If you wish for a traditional look with yellow and traditional Easter elements like eggs, chickens and feathers, you can create a nice, little Easter universe with different kitchen utensils and china and decorate with example yellow Kalanchoe and Gerbera.

Modern metals
If you want a more modern decoration you can create a sure touch by using some of the trendy metals like cobber as the basic colour. The green colour on the table-cloth illustrates spring which you can enhance by using green pot plants like Sagina and even more matching Easter elements. Easter cactus is sold in various colours that match the coloured cobber eggs perfectly.

Easter in pastel shades
If you think of Easter and pastel shades then roses and orchids are really nice plants. Allow the plants and the decoration to come together with the rest of the table decoration by choosing a table-cloth and china in the same colour scale.
You may want to fire up under the Easter atmosphere with the yellow colour on feathers and eggs and spoil your guests with a yellow mini plant, here a Promenaea, decorated with feather and planted in an egg shell that is glued on to a piece of cork.

Decorate for Easter with your family
You will need: A bowl, sticks, two Easter Cactus, eggs and feathers. Plant Easter Cactus in the bowl. Cut all sticks in the same height and place them in a crisscross pattern alongside the edge of the bowl. Make a hole in the egg and pull the stick through the hole. Glue the feathers on and place the two eggs in the bowl.

This way you can greet Easter in a personal and cosy way.