Floradania.dk: Easter with a twist of natural and neon

Easter with a twist of natural and neon

Combine traditional Easter elements with modern ones. Why not use unusual materials, plants and cheeky splashes of colour, and create your very own personal Easter universe, says a new Danish design company

One suggestion for unusual and personal Easter decorations comes from photographer Sophie Helsted and interior designer Mille Fly, known from the Danish TV programme “Fra skrot til slot” (“From Dump to Dream”). Together, the two women run the company Fly + Helsted, focusing, amongst other things, on shop and interior design.

Neon and nature
"For this project, we took ourselves as the starting-point. We work a lot with visualisation, and our approach is humorous and quirky. Neon is very in at the moment, so neon-yellow eggs form a natural, ‘Eastery’ feature in the table decorations," says Mille Fly, and continues:

"The neon-yellow items form a bold contrast to the classic blue fluted crockery, while the plants we use as decorations on the table are not styled, but appear in their ‘raw’ state. As a fun detail, we have let an egg hang down in the vase with the plant."

"We have also used violets and muscari, the blue shades of which match the crockery, while the yellow flowers of the blue anemones ‘talk to’ the yellow items on the table."

Aesthetics and coherence
Aesthetics and coherence mean a lot to Sofie Helsted and Mille Fly. That’s why they have for example used glass vases with plants on the table to create a ‘pure’ and transparent look, which is continued by the potplant on the windowsill.

"With us, plants are allowed to just ‘be plants’ – the structure of the leaves and the colour is the decorative element, while the composition of vases or dishes makes it all work together. We have for example made a dish with eggs and chocolate, creating a dialogue between the green, yellow and blue shades," says Mille Fly.

Easter and spring – two sides of the same coin
"The decoration is flexible in nature and can quickly change character – although the eggs make this arrangement an Easter universe, you can have a ‘normal’ spring look by removing the eggs after the holidays," concludes Mille Fly.

Photo: Sofie Helsted and Mille Fly