Floradania.dk: Dress up your home with plants

Dress up your home with plants

Decorate for Easter with beautiful plants that create a good atmosphere. Make the decorations personal, just like your style in clothing, and use accessories and colours that highlight your taste and the occasion

Fashionable decorations
The plants of the season make the perfect Easter decorations. Right now, for example, Rhipsalidopsis or Easter Cactus is available in a variety of exciting colours, such as white, light or dark purple, orange, red or orange-red.

One of this spring's really hot colours is red, so why not break with the tradition that says that Easter decorations must be yellow, and turn up the colourful festivity in your home?

How to do it - step by step:
Place a group of deep-red Easter cacti in the middle of a tray. Here we have used a round orange plastic tray, but you could also use an exciting dish. Fill with pincushion moss and decorated eggs in matching colours, to emphasise the spring mood.

Easter nest
If you are someone who associates Easter with the colour yellow and with Easter eggs, a nest of daffodils arranged on a base of Sagina plants is a beautiful and simple way to celebrate the feast.

Get the whole family involved in the Easter project, and let them "blow" eggs which can later be used as decorations.

How to do it - step by step:
Place the daffodils in a basket and place Sagina between them. Arrange some elder branches or twigs from the garden around the edge of the basket like a nest, and decorate with eggs.

Dress up your home in a trendy style
After yet another long, cold winter we are all longing for greenery and beauty, and according to the trend researchers, one of the features of this spring's trends will be the desire for beauty combined with utility.

Plant arrangements are a very economical way to bring beauty, renewal and nature into your home, so grab this opportunity to dress up your home fashionably with plants.

Did you know that Easter Cactus ...

thrives at room temperature, but can withstand temperatures as low as 10 oC?

must be watered every 8-10 days?

should be placed in a bright spot but not in direct sunlight, i.e. not in west or east-facing windows?

- is known as both Easter Cactus and Spring Cactus?

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