Floradania.dk: Do-it-yourself solutions for the conservatory plants

Do-it-yourself solutions for the conservatory plants

The conservatory has overtaken the "conversation kitchen" in popularity. Where once it was regarded as little more than an extra lumber room, the conservatory has now become the hot new area in the home, with plenty of light and possibilities.

The conservatory - an oasis
Mille Fly, an interior architect known from the Danish TV programme "Fra skrot til slot" ("From dump to des res"), believes that one of the reasons why the conservatory has been overshadowed for so long by the home's other rooms has been the lack of an actual plan for the space.

"It's silly to have the option of extending the summer by a month at either end, and then not use it," she says.  "If you are lucky enough to have an extra family room besides the living room, it gives you endless opportunities to organise a space that meets your needs in a completely different way. Here you could for example install your own little "egoist room", or a different type of relaxation area for the family."

And it doesn't take much to transform the conservatory into a useful space.  With the right interior and plants, you can create just the oasis you need.

"Find a soft armchair or a nice chair in a design that you like," Mille continues, "and surround yourself with plants that don′t require special care, such as succulents or cacti. That way, you can create your own little haven. Or furnish the room with a nice table where the whole family can gather round and sit when it rains."

In this way, the conservatory can become an active family room, centred on functional plants, such as edible plants.

"The sight of edible plants creates the illusion of being in a greenhouse or orangery, and they are also useful. But whether you choose the functional, the recreational or the decorative solution, it is all about recognising your needs and doing what feels right for you," says Mille.

Do-it-yourself with plants
This autumn's plant trend, Labour Lust, is all about common sense, value for money and a renewed focus on handmade items and do-it-yourself solutions.

In relation to plants, this confers a host of expressive possibilities in the conservatory, for very little outlay. You could for example hang a wire from floor to ceiling, and let climbing plants like Epipremnum, Hedera or Scindapsus twine around it, bringing a little wildness and nature into your home.

Or you could recycle as pot covers some of the things that were stored in the conservatory while it did service as a lumber room. Take for example a rustic wooden bowl or a clay pot with an eighties look, and put some plants in them that bring colour, fragrance and personality to the conservatory.

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