Floradania.dk: Danish plants in the front row

Danish plants in the front row

Danish plants in depth - and in breadth
Around the world, the range of Danish plants is highly acclaimed for both its breadth and depth. With an annual production of approximately 400 million plants, 70% of which are exported, Denmark ranks as the world's second-largest exporter of potted plants.

Danish growers in the super league
Being among the best naturally places great demands on quality and product development. And the desire to innovate is blooming.

Out of a total of 41 new products nominated last January at the world's largest plant fair in Germany, Denmark could present five new Campanula varieties, each with its own special features, and a total of twelve new roses in exciting colours.

Danish hydrangea is moving up
But it is not only among the heavyweights like roses and campanula that new ideas are evident. A good example is hydrangea, which, with an annual output of 2,7 million plants is doing very well indeed. Intensive breeding efforts have also resulted in a number of exciting new Danish-produced varieties.

World champions in mini-plants
Denmark is up with the front runners when it comes to producing plants in miniature size for the global market. More than 80 million are produced annually, making Denmark the world champion in the production of mini-plants. Interest is rising thanks to the many new areas of application, and sales of Danish mini-plants have doubled since 2005.

According to Floradania Marketing, the Danish horticultural industry's joint marketing organisation, which compiles an annual list of the biggest cultures, 2011 saw the production of almost 44 million Kalanchoe, 21,5 million roses, and 16,5 million Campanula. See the whole Top 10.
Mini-plants comprise 20% of Denmark’s total plantproduction.
Every year, Denmark exports for DKK 2,4 billion (approx. EUR 300 million).

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Photos from the top:
Rosa hybrid Friesia Kordana - Rosa Danica
Campanula longistyla Isabella - Gartneriet Hjortebjerg
Campanula hybrid Magic Mee® - Gartneriet PKM A/S
Campanula portenschlagiana blueTwo™ - Rosa Danica
Hydrangea macrophyla Verena - Gartneriet 7'eren
Hydrangea macrophyla Red Angel - Topia by Roll
Hydrangea macrophyla Magical - Gartneriet Møllerhøj
Hydrangea macrophyla Deep Purple - Gartneriet 4Kløver
Rosa hybrid Princess of Infinity - Rosa Forever ApS