Floradania.dk: Cyclamen - a classic in new clothing

Cyclamen - a classic in new clothing

Many people still think of cyclamen as a Christmas flower, which is a waste of good outdoor atmosphere, because it′s already a hit in the autumn garden. As the season has moved forward, cyclamen has also become popular among young people

Familiar cyclamen, with its wide, extensive selection and intense colours, goes very well together with the late-summer pots. At the same time it is a plant in constant change, because there are always exciting new colours and forms on the market.

The colour spectrum for cyclamen ranges from white to delicate rose, pink and dark purple, and the flowers can be fringed, multi-coloured or with large blooms. The many different colours and sizes of cyclamen provide a wealth of opportunities to create your own unique look in the home.

Romance or colour
If, for example, you would like to create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, cyclamen in delicate colours, perhaps with fringed flowers, is a safe choice, while cyclamen in one of the many bright colours will bring a little spice to the autumn play of colours. Cyclamen can also be combined with other matching autumn cultures, to produce a harmonious tone-on-tone result.

The generation gap in potted plants
But cyclamen is not just a plant that changes its expression according to the season and the context - it also helps to bridge the gap between generations. The generation gap that has long characterised consumption of potted plants is in fact being replaced by a renewed interest in plants among modern consumers.

Retro consumption
This is partly due the phenomenon that consumer researchers term nostalgic or retro consumption, in which people find comfort in things that have been popular in the past, and which thus possess a history.

A plant like cyclamen calls forth pleasant memories of a visit to your grandparents′ house with potted plants on the window sill, while the new types and colours appeal to the young consumer who likes to reinvent and use the plant in new contexts. Cyclamen can for example change its expression if you place several together on a dish, or three in a row.

Caption: Cyclamen - From Granma-style Christmas plant to a pattern-breaker across seasons and generations.

Cyclamen is a tuber that grows best in a bright spot. Must be kept cool. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not soaking wet. Water from the saucer.

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