Floradania.dk: Create cosy corners with plants

Create cosy corners with plants

This spring′s plant trend, Vintage Bloom, uses living plants and plant motifs to link the present with the past and prepare the ground for the future. This opens up new possibilities for interiors.

Crises stimulate creativity
According to Anette Chalotte Fisker, trend editor at the Scandinavian Trend Institute, consumers find themselves in the midst of a transition period at the moment, and spring will be characterised by winds blowing in several different directions.

"On the one hand, consumers want to stick to what is safe and familiar, while on the other they are fascinated by the possibilities offered by the latest technology and science. This creates the basis for new patterns of consumption," says Anette, and continues:

"In interiors, the desire for security finds expression in plants being combined in new ways with heirlooms and flea market finds. The new angle on the familiar things is that both the function and expression alter when plants are used in an unusual context."

Inspiration from botany
This spring's plant trend, Vintage Bloom, also draws inspiration from the vintage style, which is about creating atmosphere by using things that have a history. Drawing on the world of botany, expressions are created with leaves, flowers and stems, which are combined in new ways with pink and green hues, highlighting the fresh, romantic aspect of the trend.

History creates atmosphere
The secure domestic atmosphere called forth by the vintage trend, with new and creative features using original heirlooms or odd flea market finds, provides the perfect setting in which to create small cosy corners with living plants and flowers.

Plants bring new life
Slip your imagination loose and design some small nooks which tell a new story using items from the past. Use coloured glass, jewellery and porcelain as a base and decoration, and suddenly grandma's fine porcelain terrine or glass cake dish will come to life, arranged with living plants.

Plant suggestions for Vintage Look:
Saintpaulia Bells

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