Floradania.dk: Crazy surprises on Valentine′s Day

Crazy surprises on Valentine′s Day

Surprise your sweetheart on this year′s Valentine's Day with something completely different, symbolising great love in a lovely, personal way.

A big surprise
Choose, for example, a lovely tall plant with sculptural qualities that looks decorative for a long time in your home. Climbers are popular indoor plants for the time being and, like love, they are past understanding as they seek their way towards the light. Train some of the climbers on branches so that they form pyramids. If you make your loved one happy with a giant, sweet-scented Jasmine, he or she will really know how much you love him or her.

A tray of lovely red roses
On Valentine′s Day, deep affection for your loved one can be expressed by a wealth of sweet-scented flowers such as roses planted in a tray. Red roses symbolise love but flowers in the receiver′s favourite colours may also be a success. If you are in doubt, a tray of a mixture of all types of happy colours is certain to bring joy, and the effect of lavishness is still there.

Romantic surprise
If you are too busy for the somewhat different surprise, use rose plants to take your sweetheart by surprise. Cut off the rose heads and decorate your bedspread with the lovely roses.

It is also easy to put flower heads from roses and small flower heads from double Kalanchoes (Flaming Katy) on a string, shaping them as a heart and placing them on the pillow. A successful flower gift on Valentine′s Day can make the rest of the year a bed of roses for you!

Suggestions for plants for Valentine′s Day:

Fact box:
The monk Valentinus was prosecuted by the Roman emperor in Italy in the third century because he married young lovers and afterwards gave them flowers from the garden of the monastery. Valentinus died a martyr′s death but at the same time gave birth to one of our most beautiful traditions. February 14th, the day of his death, is celebrated in large parts of the world by sending a flower greeting to the one you love.