Floradania.dk: Colourful late summer

Colourful late summer

The late summer ties its own beautiful bow on summer. Create lovely late summer experiences with seasonal plants in the mild hours on the terrace and in the garden.

Celosia, Rosa, Chrysanthemum

Astilbe, Dianthus, Nepeta

Capsicum, Cypressus, Rosa, Thymus

Hebe, Cotula, Sedum, Cypressus

Scabiosa, Salvia, Gentiana, Capsicum

Hydrangea, Campanula, Lavandula, Aster

Lavandula, Salvia, Krydderurter

The colourful scenery of the late summer is simply just like quiet music in coordinated shades or alive theatre settings, that makes a perfect background for a vibrant scenery.

An eye for the entity and a sense for the details
Make sure to maintain the entity when you compose your late summer decoration and hereafter you can add details that will ensure vibrant life in terms of choice of colours, shapes or differences in heights.

With plants in strong and balanced colours you can create a fresh and elegant late summer expression. Place pink Celosia, roses and Chrysanths together on a little garden table and enjoy their happy colours.

Evocative perennials
Make a late summer mix with perennials, here Dianthus ’Thickled Pink’ and Dianthus barbatus, as well as Astilbe ’Fanal’ and Nepeta ’Walkers Low’. As perennials are multi-annual plants you may enjoy them now as they are in full bloom and look forward to next year, where they will blossom again.

Yellow late summer
If your favourite late summer colour universe is more in the golden scale you can mix thyme and evergreen cypress with yellow pot roses that will turn into a yellow Capsicum-symphony with small daring features of orange and purple. Or how about hyping a multi-coloured Hebe with yellow Cotula and Sedum?

Blue hour

If you include your garden furniture or garden accessories it will suddenly be possible for you to create a new, exciting set-up to enjoy from the terrace or from a cosy sheltered corner in the garden. Create a quiet blue late summer story with Gentiana, Capsicum, Salvia and Scabiosa or get ready for the blue hour with a beautiful and vigorous set-up with Campanula, Aster and Hydrangea.

The entrance and the front stairs are perfect spots for placing beautiful late summer decorations with

lavender and different herbs to greet guests and to set the late summer tone in one time.