Floradania.dk: Christmas plants in new ways

Christmas plants in new ways

Making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to have some Christmas fun with the family. Create your own personal style with fresh and exciting Christmas plants

Plants are nature's own decorations, creating freshness and a lovely atmosphere in the living room. But plants can do much more than just "look good" and be decorative. Many of them conceal a fascinating story about their origin and spread, so with the right accessories and a little imagination, plants can become miniature Christmas stories in themselves.

Keep poinsettias warm

The classic Christmas plant poinsettia comes in fact from South America, and so cannot tolerate cold temperatures and draughts. You could spin a good story from this. Keep the plant warm with a home-knit "pot warmer", or put it in small glass pot covers and place these in colourful cloth bags that can be hung on branches taken from the woods.

Christmas wreaths with different expressions

A Christmas wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration which acquires a completely different look in the company of plants. Depending on the expression of the plant, the wreath can be made to match the modern home with for example Phalaenopsis or succulents, while roses or Euphorbia give the arrangement a more romantic look.

Decorations for the Christmas table

With plants, you can also create decorations for the Christmas table, or small, smart tableaux for your coffee table or bookcase. You could for example arrange mini-plants in matching colours on a platter or tray, and give the decoration horizontal or vertical bulk using chopsticks, perhaps decorated with stars.

So find some beautiful Christmas plants in the shops or the garden centres, dress them up them, and give Christmas your own personal touch.

You can also see the nationale poinsettia website,
www.pimpmyxmas.dk, for more suggestions for living Christmas decorations with a difference.

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