Floradania.dk: Blooming ideas for Mother's Day

Blooming ideas for Mother's Day

24-7-364 = mother … could also be rephrased to "mother is always there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year". Luckily, there is one day every year where your mother should be pampered without limits. Give your own or your children′s mother an unforgettable plant experience on Mother′s Day

Morning tray with miniature plants
Every mother loves the patter of bare children′s feet on the floor and the feeling of happiness knows no bounds when the youngest member of the family suddenly appears in the bedroom doorway carrying an armful of flowers.
Surprise your very best mom with a tray filled with miniature plants shaped as a heart in order to give her a Mother′s Day that she will never forget.

Lay a unique table for your mother
If you already know that your mother isn′t crazy about breakfast in bed, you can lay a festive table for her with her favourite flower or flowering miniature plants arranged in an exciting tray.

You can also choose to use flower heads as decorative features on the morning table. Buy some plants in the same colour or in different colours, cut off their heads and sprinkle them on the table. If you like, choose sweet-scented plants such as roses or pinks.

Plants and well-being
Plants are known for their air-cleaning properties so why not pamper your mother with a gift that also has a positive effect on her well-being? There are oceans of lovely Danish plants to choose from. All of them clean the area more or less and bring the freshness of nature into your home.

You can use plants in numerous ways to pamper your mother, and the pleasure of doing so becomes even greater when shared with the rest of the family!

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