Floradania.dk: African Lily – a neat plant in your garden

African Lily – a neat plant in your garden

Add life to your garden pots with beautiful Agapanthus - a plant for many uses

Slim and elegant
African Lily or Agapanthus is recognized by its evergreen, thin, grassy leaves, that waves over the edges of the pot and its long stems with clump-forming flowers on the top. The flowers come in blue and white and will look wonderful in single arrangements or in groups together with other summer flowers.

Lots of sun and warmth

The plant originates from Africa and is therefore a real sun worshipper. It will thrive best on a terrace that faces south or west or on a balcony and it endures a dry-out. You can easily go on a vacation for a week or even two and when you come home you may still find flowers on your African Lily – it might also have  grown higher and more plump during your holiday.

For garden pots and vases

Besides its elegant look in the pots and beds in the garden, African Lily can also be used in bouquets. The plant will be very durable in both cases. African Lily is multi-annual, but does not tolerate frost. If you store the plant in a protected place, you can enjoy your lily over and over again.

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