Floradania.dk: Advent wreath with miniature plants

Advent wreath with miniature plants

Advent calls for cosy hours with lots of creativity with the traditional Christmas decorations. Decorate your advent wreath with miniature plants and make your own Christmas atmosphere

The dark, windy and rainy evenings are true signs of the last season of the year. At the same time the rough outdoor conditions are perfect for lots of nice indoor activities. Why not invite nature inside your home with advent wreaths made of potted plants to boost the Christmas spirit? Use plants and accessories that match your interior decorating and create your own personal advent wreath.

A wreath made of glass
Mix your favourite miniature plants – colourful and green - and place them in a glass on a large round tray. Make a star in a criss-cross pattern by using yarn and steel wire, that are braided onto the edge of the tray. Place block candles of different heights among the plants.

Advent wreath for the table
A centrepiece on foot gives the advent wreath an exclusive and elegant look and will be very beautiful as a table decoration. Place a wreath of twigs with lichen on the edge of the centrepiece and plant miniature Poinsettias and houseleeks in the middle of the bowl. Cover with moss and decorate with twigs. Place four candle stick holders for the Christmas tree onto the wreath.

DIY advent wreath
This is a flexible and alternative advent wreath that is easy to create. Plant Christmas Stars and Christmas cactus in glass pots covered with fabric. Mount four balls of floral foam with pieces of fabric or yarn on woody blocks and place a candle holder on the top of the floral foam. The series can be lined up or be placed in a ring and colours can be mixed according to individual taste.

Advent centrepiece
A different advent wreath with pieces of bark that gives a fresh and natural look. Place a wreath of straw on the edge of a goblet or a tall vase. Glue pieces of bark onto the wreath and place candle holders for long candles on the wreath. Mix Christmas Stars, Kalanchoe in bright delicate colours and Wire Vine and decorate with small, green apples. Finish up with stars in bark veneer and handmade paper to match the colour of the plants.