Floradania.dk: Adenium obesum – a rose from the desert

Adenium obesum – a rose from the desert

Adenium obesum (desert rose) is a new, exciting houseplant. It is a so-called stem succulent which can grow up to 2 m tall, but is sold when 20 – 40 cm tall.

Adenium’s special growth form, its vigorous stem, knotty roots and rather short branches with screw-like leaves add a beautiful, sculptural touch to the plant. The beautiful, sturdy red to pink flowers, which are seen from May to August, further add to Adenium’s ornamental value.

Desert rose lives in dry deserts in Eastern Africa where it grows wild. The plant can store liquid in its large stem for a long time, enabling it to resist long dry spells. This makes the desert rose an extremely sturdy houseplant tolerating a position in direct sunlight in, for example, a window facing south. It is a houseplant, which must dry out between waterings and be watered sparingly. It doesn't mind if you forget to water it.

In the wintertime when light is sparse, Adenium should be watered very little like other succulents. In this period the plant can shed its leaves, but new leaves will appear in the spring. The desert rose does not require much feeding; simply use a half-diluted fertiliser concentration during the growing period from April to September.

With its funny shape and sturdiness, the desert rose is a houseplant appealing especially to the busy consumer who hasn't got much time to care for his/her plants, but who likes something decorative and distinctive to look at.