Floradania.dk: A mother's plant universe

A mother's plant universe

Potted plants are popular presents for Mother's Day because they match both the mother's preferences and the weather of the season. Potted plants are good news for the export as the demand grows when Mother's Day comes up

Plants are feelings, atmosphere and senses and we all like to spoil the most important person in our life with something that is spot-on. Regardless of the weather there are plenty of plants that are well-suited as presents for our mothers.

Mother's Day outside
As outdoor living has become an integrated part of the house – like the garden, the terrace, the patio or the balcony – plants for such places have become even more popular presents for Mother's Day.

Give her scented roses in her favourite colour or a garden pot with hydrangea, that matches her beloved  cosy corner or her favourite chair in the green house where she can watch your present while enjoying a well-deserved break.

Mother's Day inside
If the weather is a bit chilly you can surprise her with a cosy morning tray with coffee, croissants and some miniature orchids Phalaenopsis. It will surely make her happy.

You can also go all-in and decorate the entire morning table. Stephanotis or scented climber has always been a preferred present for Mother's Day because of its purity and intense scent. Unfold the tendrils and transform the morning table into a nice and scented start of the day for the entire family.

Good for export
The huge interest for plants for Mother's Day is stated by the growers who report of an increasing demand in the weeks before the second Sunday in May, which is the most common date in Europe for Mother's Day, but also prior to the last Sunday in May which is the date for Mother's Day in Sweden, Poland and France.

Roses, one of the largest cultures in Denmark, is according to the Sales Director at one of the country's largest rose manufacturer, a highly demanded export good because of their high quality. In the two weeks prior to the most well-known date for Mother's Day, sales are doubled. Another grower of roses says that the colours pink, rose and red are the most popular ones during this period.

Miniature orchids (and other miniature plants for that matter) are very popular plants for Mother's Day where the growers meet an increasing demand - in particular when the weather is chilly.

In the weeks before the largest Mother's Day there is an increase in the demand for potted plants. Last year the total growth of the export of roses and orchids was 70 %.

Roses are one of the largest cultures with an annual production of 23,5 million plants. In Denmark we produce 400 million plants every year. This equals more than one million plants every day. 70% plants are exported i.e. 280 million Danish potted plants are sent to European end users each year. This accounts for 800.000 million plants each day. The export value is 3,2 million EUR.