Floradania.dk: A cosy December with plants

A cosy December with plants

It's not at all too early to start decorating for Christmas. Take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere of the season both indoors and out, and let your cosy December start at the front door or on the balcony

It does not take much to change a sad, grey concrete surface into a pleasant scene. And although there may not be much light and warmth at this time of year, there are still many plants that can tolerate being outside.

Outdoor pots with atmosphere
Helleborus or Christmas rose is of course one of the popular plants of the season. It is available in white and pink, and spreads a delightful Christmas atmosphere, whether on its own in a pot or planted together with other seasonal plants.

A beautiful green outdoor potpourri with Sedum, Sempervivum and Ilex (holly) is also a good way to brighten up the grey daily routine. The dense foliage of Sedum provides a nice "cuddly" appearance, while the red berries of holly present fine and beautiful details in the greenery.

An unusual Advent wreath
Before we know it, it will be the first Sunday in Advent. If you would like to make your own Advent wreath, it could be worthwhile to take your inspiration from the many beautiful houseplants which can give the wreath a fresh and inviting expression throughout Advent.

You could also make the "wreath" a little differently this year, and plant, for example, white mini-Phalaenopsis (orchids) in an elongated container or box. Place four candles in a row and decorate with moss, pine cones and other natural ornaments.

If you are really in a Christmas mood, you could also make your own "Christmas tree" with plants. Cover a rustic iron candlestick with white mini-Phalaenopsis by fastening the roots to the candlestick with wire. Arrange them so that the flower heads point both upwards and downwards.

Christmas plant arrangements
You can also choose to make small Christmas arrangements to decorate the coffee table, sideboard or dining table. Rhipsalis is for example a green plant with a modern look, and comes in many varieties.

Ferns are also very useful in seasonal decorations. Plant them on a silver platter, decorate with silver baubles, and you will have a beautiful and simple decoration which with a minimum of care can last for a long time.

To complete the December cosiness, hang up some mistletoe – to the delight of the whole family!