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Interior decor and plant purchases are two sides of the same coin

If you are a man, and you sidestep making plant purchases for the home, there is a high probability that the woman will...[more]

This spring's plant trend: Flowers conquer the home

In 2011, according to the trend analysts, it′s all about combining the useful with the beautiful - and what fits...[more]

Spring in the home

Once the Christmas tree is gone and the poinsettias are starting to hang their heads, people begin to long for the...[more]

Gift ideas with Christmas plants

Christmas is a time for giving. Plants are a popular, fresh and personal Christmas greeting in December, and consumers...[more]

Seasonal joy with poinsettias

It's often the little things that make all the difference. In the right places, tasteful decorations can turn a room...[more]

A simple Advent wreath with plants

Let the ideas for the Advent flourish, and use the wide range of possibilities to create beautiful, different...[more]

Flowering cacti make a comeback

Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera, was previously considered a somewhat antiquated grandmother's plant. That's history[more]

Kalanchoe is the number one plant in Denmark

Decades of improvement and development work have given Danish nurserymen a long lead in the production of the very...[more]

Bring the latest fashion into your home

Sweet Sin is a plant trend which on the surface is feminine, pretty and romantic, while the underlying theme produces a...[more]

Decorating for Halloween with plants

The recipe for a fun and festive Halloween party consists of equal parts sweets and shivers. Serve simple and delicious...[more]

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