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Create some drama in the garden beds

Drama is more than just suspense-packed action movies at a breathtaking pace. The garden is the perfect place to...[more]

Mobile chat weeding makes gardening more fun

Plants and friendships have a lot in common - they both need to be cultivated and tended. So why not kill two birds...[more]

Edible summer on the terrace

Create your own edible universe with fragrant, crunchy-crisp herbs from the garden, and get the taste and experience...[more]

When plants become an Aloha experience

Paradise Flowers is the name of this summer's plant trend. With beautiful, colourful and exotic plants, you can...[more]

African daisies are a hit

Osteospermum, also known as the African or cape daisy, is one of the most widespread cultures grown by Danish...[more]

A sensory universe for children in the garden

Rewarding experiences of nature are invaluable in children's upbringing and development, says a specialist in sensory...[more]

New plants for the garden pots

Ptilotus, Felicia, Erodium, Schizanthus, Rhodohypoxis, Zantedeschia … has a numerologist gone amok in the plant...[more]

Dress up your home with plants

Decorate for Easter with beautiful plants that create a good atmosphere. Make the decorations personal, just like your...[more]

Plants provide reassurance and well-being

Employees thrive when they are surrounded by healthy plants and flowers, say the preliminary results of a Danish...[more]

Thaw out the winter with spring flowers

If you are beginning to long for the sound of dripping from the eaves and the indisputable bright green glow of spring...[more]

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