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Danish plants in the front row

For the fifth consecutive year, the Danish plant industry′s coveted innovation prize, the Floradania Innovation...[more]

Plants as a workplace coach

New PhD thesis establishes that plants and flowers have a positive impact on the office work environment[more]

Christmas plants in new ways

Making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to have some Christmas fun with the family. Create your own...[more]

Precious moments with plants

When the time draws near for the home to take on its distinctive Christmas look, plants provide a quick and easy way to...[more]

This winter's plant trend, Floral Delight

Let the storms rage and the wind howl outside, because this winter your home will bloom indoors. According to trend...[more]

The older you get, the more plants you buy

The date of your birth certificate may reveal whether you will put one, two or ten plants in your shopping basket. A...[more]

Follow your heart - also in your decor

Danish interior design editor predicts that we will decorate our homes more with our hearts, and worry less about...[more]

New angles on the autumn garden

Larger, more voluminous plants in bright, intense colours such as orange and yellow are the trends that will adorn the...[more]

This autumn's plant trend: Forest Delight

Nature plays a central role in this autumn's plant trend, Forest Delight, says a Danish trend researcher. The stage is...[more]

Late summer in the pot garden

Is summer over, or is now the time for us to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and subdued colour play of late summer? Or...[more]

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