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Cyclamen - a classic in new clothing

Many people still think of cyclamen as a Christmas flower, which is a waste of good outdoor atmosphere, because...[more]

Song of the late summer garden

Floradania asked gardening book author Signe Wenneberg to come up with her best ideas for the late-summer garden. Every...[more]

Get into shape with gardening

After a brisk jog, you need to get your heart rate back down. The garden provides a nice relaxing intermediate stop,...[more]

Gardeners dance to their own tune

Fortunately, ornamental gardens or kitchen gardens are not mutually exclusive. The two types can be combined[more]

Mother's favourites

If there′s one person you can always rely on, it's your mother. Surprise her with beautiful plant gifts, on...[more]

New plant acquaintances in the garden

The season for planting out is just around the corner, and there are many interesting plants for consumers who are...[more]

Easter with plants and pastels

Pastel colours, fresh flowers and items from nature arranged around the home like small tableaux will dominate the...[more]

Spring knocks at the door

Although the ground is still hard and cold, you can easily fill the pots with lovely spring flowers and give the spring...[more]

The plant market in east and west

While 83.3% of eastern Danes pamper themselves with plants in the home, western Danes are more likely to give plants as...[more]

Create cosy corners with plants

This spring′s plant trend, Vintage Bloom, uses living plants and plant motifs to link the present with the past...[more]

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