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Easter with a twist of natural and neon

Combine traditional Easter elements with modern ones. Why not use unusual materials, plants and cheeky splashes of...[more]

A spring greeting at the front door

Fresh, lush or formal... Let the colours and style of the pot by your front door set the tone, and provide a little...[more]

This spring's plant trend: Ornamental Balance

Art will be the major source of inspiration in 2013, with the spring’s plant arrangements, especially, being...[more]

Floradania Innovation Award 2013: Danish growers in the super league

A giant pat on the back for Danish plant and concept novelties at a festive award show at the world's largest plant...[more]

Table, set yourself!

The menu isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you’re planning your Christmas dinner – the table...[more]

This winter's plant trend, Flower Fusion

Expect lots of colorful joy and new ways of combining plants in this winter's plant trend, which very eloquently is...[more]

Renewing the windowsill

The windowsill is in extra focus as the days grow darker. It has access to the sparse daylight, and forms an important...[more]

A high-spirited Halloween indoors and out

The autumn colour palette provides the perfect backdrop for a wonderful Halloween party with your family and friends....[more]

Modern green plant with many different appearances

Peperomia is member of a versatile "green genus" which can easily give your home a luxuriant character as well as a...[more]

Easy plants for the home

The transition from summer to autumn, and thereby the switch from active outdoor life to indoor comforts, can be a...[more]

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