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Enjoy spring with Bellis

Plants have been a part of interior decoration for a long time. Therefore modern pot plant growers follow plant trends...[more]

The plant trend of spring – Colourful Spirit

Plants combined with graphic patterns, funny shapes and copper characterizes the plant trend of spring, Colourful...[more]

New plant ideas for Advent

Advent is a term from the Latin word adventus which means "arrival" (of the Lord). Before we know it, it is the first...[more]

This winter's plant trend, Tales of Flowers

Plenty of adventure, history and romance creates the basis for the plant trend of the winter, which has the obvious...[more]

Tips for modern living

Plants bring renewal and freshness to living rooms, where they more often are integrated with the interior decoration...[more]

Happy Halloween

Give the scary and bloody Halloween universe a happy and refreshing touch and decorate for party with colourful plants....[more]

The late summer view from the balcony

A balcony expands your home by several square metres, and creates space for relaxation and contemplation. The balcony...[more]

Late summer dreams in the pot garden

Live out your late summer dreams in the pot garden with harmonious colour themes[more]

This summer's plant trend: Botanical Renaissance

With this summer's plant trend, which draws inspiration from the summer gardens of the Renaissance, new and milder...[more]

In good company

Floradania asked Claus Dalby to pass on some ideas about how he uses potted plants. The famous gardener and writer took...[more]

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