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“You are something quite special...”

Kiss-me-quick The Goldfish plant, or Nematanthus, is the name of a fun and easy houseplant, with cheerful orange...[more]

Organic Danish roses win prestigious award in the Netherlands

Many congratulations to the Danish growers who won the distinguished press prize at the international horticultural...[more]

Colourful late summer

The late summer ties its own beautiful bow on summer. Create lovely late summer experiences with seasonal plants in the...[more]

Specialities for special occasions

At the recent trade fair, Handelspladsen, in Odense, 10 exciting unique cultures were presented, each with their own...[more]

Summer's plant trend: Light Bloom

Brightness, air and elegance are key elements in Light Bloom - this summer's plant trend - where flowers with light,...[more]

Create new life in your garden with the new outdoor Kalanchoe

Summer is coming up and to a lot people this means time for renewal - either on the balcony, patio or in the garden....[more]

Add life to outdoor living with Petunia

Petunia presents a true riot of colours with its vigorous stems, that nicely grows over the edge of the pot or the...[more]

African Lily – a neat plant in your garden

Add life to your garden pots with beautiful Agapanthus - a plant for many uses[more]

Easter with passion and plants

Consider your own personal interior decoration when planning the decorations for the upcoming Easter and let the...[more]

Plenty of marguerites

Marguerites tells us that summer is coming. They are blooming standouts in pots, containers and baskets of every kind...[more]

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