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Campanula - a resounding Danish success story

Some plants are made for indoor use while others thrive best outdoors - and then there are plants which are cut out for...[more]

Trendy retro plant

This houseplant has all what people of today seek in a plant. The snake plant is stylish and sculptural, hard to kill...[more]

Hebe holds its own

If your summer containers look dull or if you have a free, warm, protected and sunny spot with well-drained or dry...[more]

Stylish hortensia

Not many plants have as resplendent, almost round flower heads as the hortensia (Hydrangea macrophylla). Throughout the...[more]

A wealth of marguerites

Marguerites are the harbinger of summer. They are unique in all types of pots, containers and boxes, as well as in...[more]

Adenium obesum – a rose from the desert

Adenium obesum (desert rose) is a new, exciting houseplant. It is a so-called stem succulent which can grow up to 2 m...[more]


Small is good

With its myriad of small, scented flowers and fresh, green foliage, Persian violet is hard to resist.[more]

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