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Table decorations with living plants

Early summer is a great time with new confirmands and students lending colours to the surroundings and newly-married...[more]

Danish Mother′s Day in a modern version

Mother′s Day originates from the US and is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. This particular day...[more]

Celebrate Easter with plant decorations

Easter is just around the corner, but that′s no reason to be chicken! Throw yourself into new, exciting plant...[more]

Spring is springing - refresh your containers

"Don′t worry…be happy" is the motto of this spring′s "Happy Home" plant trend. Refresh your containers...[more]

Play with your children and plants in the spring half term holiday

The spring half term holiday is a welcome break in the dark winter season. It is still to cold to be outside for too...[more]

"Don′t worry - be happy!" Buy plants!

Plants became part of our interior design a long time ago. Therefore, Danish nurseries carefully follow both fashion...[more]

Colours return

Forget your worries and let optimism bloom. Celebrate New Year′s Eve with lots of flowers in lots of different...[more]

Green NY resolutions with plants

The transition to a new year typically includes one or more NY resolutions about healthier living. Many people equate...[more]

Asters in a new way

From rural gardens to modern urban gardens.[more]

Comeback for flowering cactus

From antiquated grandmother's plant to new, colourful trend[more]

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